Gladfield Shepherd Delight Malt

Shepherds Delight is what we would consider a stepped up version of our Aurora malt. It has intense bready, toasted and kola flavour with a lingering fruity sweetness. This malt should be used sparingly to supercharge the maltiness of a beer and will give flavours similar to a decoction mash. Used at too high a concentration could lead to bitterness in the final beer we recommend combining Shepherds Delight with our Vienna malt to give a balancing sweetness. This malt will also give some red highlights to the beers colour. Recommended usage level of 8% Maximum.

Moisture (%) Max <4.5
Extract (dry) Range 77 – 81%
Colour Range EBC 250 – 350

(1.2 = 1.2kg / .200 = 200grams)