Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit - set of 4 glasses

Spiegelau Beer Classics Craft Beer Tasting Kit

The Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses have been approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals. Focusing on beer enjoyment. The custom-shaped glasses successfully deliver the complexity of aromas on the nose while demonstrating the optimum beer texture, balance and flavour intensity on the palate. Staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian artisan craftsmanship, we have created these unique, functional glasses to bring out the best in complex craft beers. Like our expert tasting panel, we believe that craft beers deserve crafted glasses.This pack contains 1 x Wheat beer glass - for German wheat beer, Belgian White (Witbier), and other wheat-based ales. (700ml)1 x Lager glass - for pale lagers, ales, and English strong ale. (560ml)1 x Beer Tulip - for stouts, Belgian style ales, and pilsners. (440ml)1 x IPA glass - for IPA beers. (540ml)

Pack includes: 1 x Wheat beer glass, 1 x Lager glass, 1 x Beer Tulip and 1 x IPA glass